You Night helps women embrace life beyond cancer

You Night Empowering Events is a program founded in 2013 that is dedicated to helping women embrace life beyond cancer. Donations and a portion of ScART program fees support the “We Lift You Up” foundation, a 501c3 fund, which creates empowering experiences for cancer survivors, with the ultimate objective of creating a national sisterhood of support.

You Night’s mission is to create alternatives to traditional support groups by providing year-round empowering experiences for women who desire a sisterhood of support. You Night teaches cancer survivors how to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment through teamwork, coaching, and skills training. Our signature program is our “runway training program”, where, for five months, participants work together to eventually show off their skills and teamwork in front of friends, family members and health care providers. Throughout their journey in the program, participants are taught many powerful skills that cultivate a positive attitude of support.
By asking survivors to step outside their comfort zones by becoming “runway super stars”, they discover an inner strength and inner beauty that many of them did not know they had.. After the program is over, the ladies remain in the program as “alumnae” and continue in activities that support each other’s on-going needs, while they use their newfound strength to pay it forward to new participants. To date, You Night has helped 208 survivors adapt to – and embrace – their life after cancer in St. Tammany and New Orleans.

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