Scar Art latest empowerment tool for cancer survivors

In by Chadd Depasquale

“You Night” has a simple philosophy: The Covington-based organization “helps women embrace life beyond a cancer diagnosis.”

Founded by Lisa McKenzie, the organization’s website,, notes that it teaches cancer survivors how to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment through teamwork, coaching and strong interpersonal support from a network of survivors.

Now, You Night is taking its program to a national level through a partnership with Painting with a Twist to promote a new confidence-building experience developed by McKenzie called “ScART” — which stands for Scar Art.


McKenzie said that after witnessing the sense of security You Night participants have with one another to talk openly about subjects that can often feel “taboo,” she was inspired by a piece of abstract art hanging in her office that looked as though it could be a scar.

ScART was born out of the idea that women could find acceptance of their scars, while seeing those scars as something beautiful.

McKenzie said the ScART program will launch nationwide at 350 Painting with a Twist locations, where participants will be invited to join the You Night sisterhood.

Cancer survivors will be given a homework assignment that allows them to get in touch with their feelings related to the scars from their cancer surgeries. The women will be asked to create a hand sketch of their scar, which is transferred to canvas and prepared by the studio artists at Painting with a Twist.

Once they arrive at the studio, participants will view everyone’s scars on a white canvas before being given a free-form art class that allows them to tap into their emotions and paint unique and abstract pieces of art. The painting experience includes time for the women to share their insights.

You Night participants put brush to canvas on May 25 at Painting with a Twist in Mandeville for the first time and, on Saturday, several of the paintings will be unveiled at an art gallery exhibit at Coffee Rani, 234 Lee Lane, Old Covington. The unveiling and champagne toast will take place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Adjacent to each of the paintings will be testimonials and photos of the ScART participants, describing their insights.

ScART is open to all female cancer survivors and will take place monthly at Painting with a Twist. To find out the next ScART paint date, or to get more information about all of the You Night year-round programs for cancer survivors, visit or call (877) 591-5936.