Welcome to our Homework Page

To get the most out of your ScART experience, download and print this homework and complete this prior to the class. We recommend you set aside approximately 30 minutes to one hour of quiet time to thoughtfully do each homework assignment.

Finding beauty in scars through a national sisterhood of survivors

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Welcome from the ScART team

The ScART team is comprised of women who have had cancer and have all participated in the ScART program. Our team is here to help answer any questions you might have. ​​​Please watch this welcome video and then download the homework documents below.

Do this homework assignment before you arrive to class

  2. PRINT PAGES 5, 7 & 8
  3. BRING PAGE 5 with you to class.

After ScART Suggestions for engagement

  1. Open this file for suggestions on how to engage with other Scart participants after your Scart event is over!

Support Resources

Support Resources
Should you need additional support, please reach out to professionals in your area.
For your convenience, here are some national support organizations:
​American Cancer Society
National Alliance on Mental Illness

We look forward to seeing you at ScART!

Contact the ScART Brand Ambassador team: teamyounight@gmail.com
877-591-5936 x6