Thank you for visiting our FAQ page! Take a look below for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.  Looking for answers that you don’t see here? Please visit our Contact US page to reach out to us directly and get your ScART questions answered!

What if I don’t have artistic ability?

ScART (or “scar art”) is an abstract painting process where color theory and simple yet powerful painting techniques will be integrated to create a powerful, unique painting. Even if you’ve never painted before, class instructors will guide the class through the process of sketching the scar(s) on canvas, applying the modeling paste to represent scars unique markings, and to choosing just the right color palette to evoke the feelings you want to express. Simple brush strokes will be demonstrated for putting color on your painting. Remember – this is a unique and powerful experience where the PROCESS of seeing your scars turned into works of art is more significant than the PRODUCT, or actual artwork. Although the final product will be beautiful and meaningful, the shared experience and strong sensory memory you are creating with fellow scar bearers is even MORE important.

Women, who can be hard on themselves, are given the freedom to transform their scars into something beautiful.  The process allows for an open mind and the support of a community of other people who have experienced something similar.

What do I wear?

Wear casual, comfortable clothes. An apron will be provided to protect your clothing. We recommend a short sleeve top or one where sleeves can be easily pushed or rolled up.

I don’t have physical scars, can I still participate?

Yes! Many participants do not have surgical scars but experienced a traumatic health event just the same. In the homework, try to identify where your emotional or psychological scars are located and proceed from there. Many participants have depicted their internal scars quite effectively on the canvas.

I have more than one scar; do I paint them all?

It’s a matter of personal choice. Some of our scartists have represented all of their scars on one canvas or have chosen to come to multiple classes.  

Can I draw my scars in any pattern I want or do they have to look like they are on my body?

You can choose where to put the mud (similar to a modeling paste) used to depict your scars on the canvas. They do not have to correlate with the same places on your body.

Will the class be all women?

Not necessarily. The staff won’t know until all spots have been filled who the participants will be. If you’d like to be in a women only class, please discuss that with the Painting with a Twist studio manager or with a representative from the ScART team to see if your request can be arranged.

Can I bring a friend/loved one for support?

Some participants may initially think they might be more comfortable with someone there, but you may find that bonding with the other participants over such an intimate experience will give you the support you need.   There are a limited number of seats available for each ScART class and studio space is limited to participants who have reserved a seat in advance.  Please encourage your care-giver or significant support person to register and participate with you in the class.

Will I have the opportunity to display my art alongside others in a community display?

Yes! A group photo will be taken at the end of the ScART class which the Painting with a Twist studio will post to their Facebook page.  You will also be able to log into this website to upload your photo and story into our ScARTist’s gallery. We encourage ScART class participants to look for a local restaurant, church, medical facility lobby, library, school or art gallery that they can contact about hosting a gallery showing.

What if I want to maintain contact with my fellow class participants after the painting session?

During class, participants will be able to write down their contact information if they would like to get together again to display their art or even participate in another ScART class.  Just let a Painting with a Twist employee or your ScART brand ambassador know you want to schedule another private session as a group.