Paint your scars on canvas.
Explore the way you perceive them.

Everyone has scars.

When you are coping with a life-changing event or surgery, you may experience a complex array of emotions including anxiety, self-consciousness, fear, depression, frustration and sadness — feelings that, for some, may be difficult to express.

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See your scars through a new lens.

Scars are something nearly everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives.  For some, scars are tucked away, never to be thought of again. For others, scars can be a daily reminder of a life event that caused them. The ScART program gives participants the opportunity to examine their emotional relationship to their scars using art as the tool.   ​​

Find beauty in scars through a national community of survivors.

The objective of the ScART program is to facilitate connections and create conversations with others who have scars at private group or individual paint classes nationwide.

``This was the first time I looked at my scars as 'beautiful.``

ScART fuses the power of self-care and self-acceptance using art as a tool in a supportive group setting.  The ScART homework assignment, which was designed using the guidance of psychologists, therapists, surgeons and women’s health professionals, provides an opportunity for participants to gain new insights, that result in beautiful pieces of abstract art.

Every scar tells a story.

ScART is a tool for participants to express their feelings without having to verbalize them. The groups are a safe place where participants can share with others who have gone through similar experiences, and an outlet to provide some ‘me time’ to make sure participants recognize the importance of practicing self-care.

``Painting with fellow survivors has been an honor and a blessing.``

“ScART was beautiful and uplifting.  Seeing the variety of artwork and hearing everyone’s stories made me proud of my past, and joyful to be in incredible company.  We all have stories to tell, and ScART made what once felt taboo completely normal.”  Emily, ScART participant

There are all kinds of scars.

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Every scar tells a story.

Artistic ability is not required to participate in ScART.  Participants will free-form one-of-kind abstract works of art, using their scar (or scars) as the focal point.  Art instructors will be available for anyone needing direction. The ultimate objective is to create a community experience where individuals have the opportunity of sharing the story behind their scars, Every scar tells a story.

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The Power of Self-Acceptance

Jerry’s story

Painting my scar fulfilled my desire to let cancer know that I had the last say-so. When I saw my scar for the first time I think I stopped breathing for a second or two. Now I think differently…… “Live and Love life”… I’m happy to show off my scar. Cancer was just a period of time in my life, not who I am today. My scar is special to me because it represents me overcoming breast cancer. Every imperfect line of my scar is perfect to me. Every time I look down at my scar, I’m reminded that I am 4 ½ years out and doing great. I am also reminded that I am a warrior. I have learned to trust more in myself and listen to my body, tap into my own healing power and knowledge, and to not listen to negativity. I surround myself with positive people and thoughts-whenever possible. I don’t have to look at my scar and feel uncomfortable about my body anymore. I have learned that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve been through you are beautiful in spite of your circumstances. I try to keep a positive attitude. If there is an upside to scars it’s that it has made my relationships with people stronger and more meaningful. My scar lets me focus on what I have gained and been blessed with through this journey. I love my final product. It’s a conversation piece of art. I embrace my scar and my body because they tell a story that at the end of the tunnel there is always a shining light. My scar is a part of my history that’ll always be there. Thank you to the We Lift You Up Foundation and Painting with a Twist (ScART) for making it easier when life gets hard.

Private group classes are available.

Simply request this by calling a ScART brand ambassador at 877-591-5936 x6 or email us at  If you don’t see a ScART class in your area, call our office for official locations, or inquire about our home kits and group kits.​

*It is recommended that persons attending be 18 years old or older.  Should you desire to have mature children in the program, contact the ScART team to discuss a private group opportunity for that age.

A portion of the proceeds from each event will be donated to the “We Lift You Up” Fund, a national program that helps women embrace life beyond cancer.